Corporate Intranets


Intranets can be very useful tools if used effectively within a company to facilitate inter-office communication and improve data sharing throughout the company. A well implemented intranet can provide a host of benefits including : Improved workforce productivity, optimized time management, enhanced collaboration and promoting corporate culture to name a few.

Blazanor Enterprises offers a suite of modules which you can pick from and which can be easily customized to fit your company. An intranet is a great platform to use for management reporting, company surveys, document management, corporate news, office forums...or just about anything which can be systemized to help streamline business processes and make them more efficient and cost effective.

Many spreadsheet applications which are currently in use by companies today could make ideal additions to a companies intranet as customized modules. Having these spreadsheets in a centralized location makes them easily maintainable and enables comprehensive reporting on captured data.

Chat to us about your custom intranet needs and we will develop for you the best fit for your company!