Data Scrubbing / Data Cleansing


Data scrubbing is the process of weeding out and repairing or removing old, inconsistent, incomplete or inaccurate data records from your database. This can greatly help to reduce the potential for further data inaccuracies, and may even help speed up any systems accessing the data as well as improve the reliability of reports which draw from these data sources.

As business change and grow organically, so too do their databases. Over time data can become bloated and messy with duplicate records and old historical data which has no further use. The need for data scrubbing becomes apparent when confronted with multiple records each containing only subtle differences, but are nevertheless treated separately by the database. This can lead to confusion, fragmented client records and inaccurate reporting.

Using specially coded scripts we can identify and consolidate duplicate records, apply consistent formatting to selected fields, archive historical data and repair incomplete data records. This is a basic house keeping service, which can save you both time and money while improving the accuracy of your business essential reports.