Infusion Documentation

Everything you need to know to get started with Infusion including tutorials.

About Infusion

Infusion is not another PHP framework. It is much more than that! Infusion goes beyond what a PHP framework will offer and provides a development platform which is much simpler to use than a PHP framework without limiting functionality or customizability. Infusion is an evolution in web application development and is developed from the ground up to be light-weight and customizable. In developing Infusion the primary focus has been on the needs of the developer to produce solid applications in minimal time, with minimal effort.

Core Features

We have focused on building Infusion with all the features necessary to allow developers to produce solid applications in minimal time. Below is a list of some of the notable features in the system core, but bear in mind that Infusion supports custom modules and plugins which means that the possible features are limitless!

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Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements needed in order to run Infusion on your server.

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Installation & Setup

Installing Infusion is a quick and easy process and should not take you longer than a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions below to get up and running in no time!

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Folder Structure


The Data Descriptor File (DDF)

That data descriptor file (ddf) is used to define columns for database tables as well as fields required for conf files.

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Creating Profiles

Profiles are basically website templates or themes and have been so named in order to avoid confusion with page templates. Due to the fact that Infusion is designed to support multiple sites running from a single code base there are two places where profiles can be created. The first is the main profiles/ folder found at the root of the code base. Any profiles which are created in this folder will be accessible to all sites running off that code base. The second place where profiles can be created is the profiles folder under a specific site folder (sites/{site_name}/profiles/). These profiles will only be accessible to that specific site.

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Creating A PDF


Developers Quick Start

This guide will help to familiarize you with the basics of developing on Infusion.

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Writing SQL Queries

This is perhaps one of the only areas in Infusion where have not allowed much flexability in terms of allowing for you to use an alternate method of querying the database. The reason for this is threefold.

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