We are a custom software development company which specializes in web application development. We also do desktop application development however that is not our primary focus. The majority of our applications are developed in PHP but we do also have some C#.NET and VB.NET applications as well as java.

We are currently looking for a Junior Developer. You will be required to develop in several different programming languages as well as working with other technologies including HTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Gimp, and others. Your duties will include software development and maintenance, content management, graphic design, documentation, research and sales to name a few.

We are offering a basic salary of R5000 with a production bonus based on the total amount of billable work done within the month.

If you are interested then please complete the following exercise and submit back to us for consideration. Once we have evaluated your work we will let you know if your job application has been successful.


  1. This exercise must be completed in PHP and must make use of the MySQL database.
  2. Write an application which allows a user to save multiple connection details for MySQL databases.
  3. The user must then be able to select one of the connections they have previously added and supply a search string and a replace string.
  4. When the user submits this form your application should run through all the tables in the selected database connection and find the search string in any of the data stored in any of the columns and replace it with the supplied replacement string.

Please submit your completed source code and a copy of your CV to