Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing Systems


Multi-Level Marketing is a very powerful business model where any new idea could potentially become a huge overnight success. If you are starting a new MLM Company you need to have a system which can not only meet your unique technical needs, but can also scale easily to accommodate the rapid growth which characterizes a MLM and can be easily and cost-effectively customized and extended to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our MLM module is developed as an extension to our proprietary base system which has been tried and tested and has proven itself robust, stable and efficient. Through our powerful plugin and templating architecture we can rapidly enhance and customize the MLM module to meet all of your specific needs. Our software also allows your system to double as an interactive website through which your members will have full access to any reports and information you may wish to make available to them.

At Blazanor-Enterprises we have developed several MLM systems from the ground up. We understand the industry and have an in-depth knowledge of the various requirements your system may need. With our experience we can design a system for you which will help you to manage and grow your MLM business easily and effectively.