Shopping Cart For Photographers


If you are a professional photographer who is considering selling your work online, we may have the solution for you. We have created a specialized shopping cart specifically for the professional photography industry as part of our arsenal of powerful business systems. It has been carefully designed to handle high volumes and to be as low maintenance as possible, which is critical to the success of any website in this industry. The quicker your images get published, the better you can sell.

Our unique PhotoCart will detect any images uploaded via ftp, and make them immediately available for download, and likewise automatically remove them from your site when they are deleted via ftp. Furthermore all images are grouped and categorized according to the folder structure with which they have been uploaded. This means there is no need to spend hours linking and categorizing photos on your website, nor will you have to waste your time scrolling and deleting endless images from your site when the catalogue becomes outdated.

You can find our latest implementation of PhotoCart on

The PhotoCart package is a fully functional website comes in two options:

  1. PseudoCart (From R 3500) - With this option the order is emailed to your email address on checkout. You will then need to contact the client to arrange payment.
  2. MerchantCart (From R 5000) - With this option we integrate your site with your merchant account, or Paypal account which will allow for online payment of orders on checkout.

This package includes all the features of our Basic Website package. For more information on this product please use the Contact Form to submit your inquiry.